My name is Roger Cruz and I am a Software Engineer based in Boston, MA with tech work experience in the e-commerce, educational-tech, and media industries. Currently, I am a software engineer at PayScale.

In the past I have provided business solutions and designing websites to a series of clients as a freelancer. In addition, to tech as a photographer, athelete, and musician, I have a deep appreciation on how technology can drive the innovations of all three of these areas. You can find me usually coding my next project or enjoying one of these hobbies.

Fun fact: Prior to tech I worked in the health care field.

Past Employers: Wayfair, FableVision Studios, Resilient Coders

My Portfolio



Running Ragnar Cape Cod

Ran a 48 hours relay race with two teams to raise money for a non-profit organization that helps people with mental health illness and disabilities.


Teaching Adult ESOL Classes

Volunteering with A Faith That Does Justice (AFTDJ) to teach english classes to adult learners within the community.


St. Anthony Shrine - Latino Ministry

Volunteering as a co-director for the Spanish language masses every Sunday at 12pm. A lecture, eucharistic minister, and member of the young adult group planning committee.